Zoho Creator Review

Zoho Creator is a tool designed to "build apps that are perfect for your business" and has been around for a while now as part of Zoho Corporation's suite of Apps (which include CRM, Finance, HR, Collaboration, Help Desk etc). Zoho's intention is to become 'the Operating System for Business".

Within the Zoho suite, Creator is the tool you would use to build solutions which are specific for your business - and where simply customising one of their other services wouldn't meet the needs.

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Access Web Apps Review

Access Web Apps (AWAs) were first released with Office 2013 and were a replacement for earlier attempts to make a Web version of the worlds most popular database. However, rather than storing data locally and having a Windows front end AWAs are hosted in Sharepoint / Office 365 and data is held in SQL or SQL Azure. I have personally used AWA to build a set of Apps for Sharepoint which are sold on the Sharepoint App Store - and in this article I aim to compare AWA to other offerings already reviewed here. Read More…

Knack Database Review

Knack is another relatively new entrant to the Online Database space - and takes a more traditional 'database like' approach to the subject compared to Podio and Airtable reviewed previously. Like the other products, though, Knack doesn't require any coding - although there is the option to add some code if required. Read More…

Podio Review

Another very different approach to building custom solutions for your business, Podio offers a platform which focusses on encouraging collaboration around your business data, both internally and externally. In addition to building apps to solve your specific needs, you also get, out of the box, the Employee Network which provides an internal social network for your company. Read More…

Airtable Review

Airtable is a revolutionary new approach to databases - designed to appeal to business users used to working with spreadsheet. In this article I am going to look at the core Aitable app - and in a subsequent article I am going to look into how the basic app's capabilities can be extended with Zapier. Read More…