Joining the Knack Builder Network and Sample App

I am really delighted to have recently become a member of the Knack 'Builder Network'! The process to get approved for the network involved having an App reviewed (and approved). Coming from an HR software background, I naturally chose to build an HRMS solution to put forward and, in this article, I provide a link to the app so that you can check out the capabilities of the platform.

What is Knack?

Knack is a 'No Code' SaaS based database platform with which you can build secure, flexible and structured database / workflow solutions with no programming (although it is possible to extend it with a little Javascript if you must). I wrote a review of the platform in an earlier post:

Knack Database Review

The App - KasPer Lite for Knack

Manage Your Team

Simplify the management of your employee information, manage processes such as Absence Requests, Training Needs and Appraisals, know who's on vacation or other leave, keep up to date with your employee's performance; KasPer Lite for Knack will enable you to manage your team more effectively.

The app provides features for the HR team - and also Self Service for managers and employees.

Leave Management

KasPer Lite includes features which enable you to manage employees vacations, sickness and other absence. Employees can request leave from their self service and this generates an email to their approver (their Department Manager by default) who can then review the request and approve or otherwise.


Employees can request training - and training needs can be captured from the Appraisal process - these result in waiting lists for courses. From there, you can book people onto events - or simply record training records if that's all you need to do.

Employee Appraisals / Reviews

The Base includes an Appraisal feature which has a form which can be filled in by Managers when they review their team members, employees, through their self service are able to comment and when happy, sign off their reviews with an electronic signature. With the ease of customisation of this can quickly be amended to suit your own processes.

Company Equipment

Manage the assignment of Company Equipment such as laptops, mobile phones etc. Be certain that electrical tests are carried out, make sure you reclaim equipment when staff leave.

If you need help customising the app for your own requirements then please get in touch - we can also provide integrations and automation of the app using Zapier.

Here's a link to the app - follow the instructions on the about page to log in as either an employee or HR user:

KasPer Lite for Knack - Demo System

The Builder Network

This is a platform where Knack customers submit projects they need help with. Knack builders then receive alerts if the project is a match and can submit an application. It's then up to the Knack user to reply and agree on any project terms with the Knack builder. Each Knack builder has to submit an app before being approved to join.

If you'd like to try knack for yourself, click here for a free trial.

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