Discovering Integromat

If you've been following my blog at all closely, you'll have seen a number of posts discussing the use of Zapier to automate and integrate databases created with Airtable, Knack and others. Integromat is an intriguing alternative with a wide range of additional features… Read More…

Joining the Knack Builder Network and Sample App

I've recently become a member of the Knack Builder Network which involved having an App reviewed as part of the process. Coming from an HR software background, I naturally chose to build an HRMS solution to put forward and, in this article, I provide a link to the app so that you can check out the capabilities of the platform. Read More…

Creating Multiple Records with Forms

I recently read a post in a database forum where the questioner asserted that it wasn't possible to use an online forms app like Cognito Forms to capture multiple records for a database in a single form - using Zapier to take the form content and populating the database. I thought this was unlikely and in this post I am going to share how this is done. Read More…

Knack Database Review

Knack is another relatively new entrant to the Online Database space - and takes a more traditional 'database like' approach to the subject compared to Podio and Airtable reviewed previously. Like the other products, though, Knack doesn't require any coding - although there is the option to add some code if required. Read More…

Database Practice

After spending several years focussing on building Apps with Access Web Apps, we have decided on a slight change of direction for the business and, using our experience of building Web databases, start to offer database consultancy services to client. Read More…