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I specialise in cloud databases, collaboration and workflow technology to help you improve the way you work, communicate and deliver for your employees and customers. I can help you identify where modern technology can be used to build on your strengths and re-engineer the way you work.

You may also find my Blog a great place to find information about various web and mobile database solutions. Over time I will be adding how-to guides and other resources. Please feel free to contribute to the conversation - and if you would like to post articles then please contact me with your idea.

I specialise in developing database, collaboration and workflow solutions based around a number of web technologies including the databases Knack and Airtable together with the integration tools Integromat and Zapier. These tools enable you to transform the way you run your business - from building collaboration processes between you and your clients to managing internal HR and similar processes. I can help you build these into your website and even create a new site for you.

We can also integrate with your processes defined in Process Street, collect data from tools like Typeform and send emails via Mailchimp.

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