Ninox - from iPad to Cloud

I'm always on the lookout for exceptional new database platforms and I recently discovered Ninox - a multi platform database available on iOS, Android, Mac and, importantly, the Cloud.

I've been so impressed with Ninox that I've decided to add it to the portfolio of apps I work with for clients and have joined the Ninox Partner Program. I have also decided to build some apps with it for sale as templates (as I used to offer on Access Web Apps) - staring with KasCur Pro (CRM) and KasPer Pro (HR) which are now available.

I'll be undertaking a full review of Ninox in the near future - but I thought it would be helpful to give a brief summary. In essence, this platform offers an attractive user interface (rivalling Airtable) while at the same time providing a comprehensive range of features. I am particularly impressed with it's NX language which is available for everything from simple calculated fields to complex data manipulation such as that required to calculate an Absence Duration (taking Public Holidays and Working Patterns into account).

To me, this comes closest to offering what Access made available on the desktop - but in the cloud. Importantly the learning curve is steady which means that most users will manage to get the best from the system.

That's not to say that there is no place for the other main platforms I work with - Airtable and Knack - in fact there are strong reasons for choosing those as well and I often find myself advising clients on which platform(s) to choose.

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