New Airtable / Integromat Integration

New Airtable Integration for Integromat - much awaited improvements to the Integromat experience with Airtable

For some time, I have been recommending Airtable users to consider Integromat for automating Airtable and Integrating your Bases with other services. But there was always a caveat, the design process in Integromat was marred by regular timeouts due to Airtable's API limits. There were also issues with selecting Bases/Tables.

Today this has all changed - a new Airtable 'App' is released in Integromat which doesn't seem to suffer from any of these issues - and it includes one VERY useful new feature which is the ability to Delete records. This doesn't sound all that ground breaking but it gives you the capability to tidy up orphaned child records (or simply blank records) which can become an issue in Airtable.

What can you use Integromat for with Airtable?

Integromat adds a huge amount of potential to Airtable - from calculating values across bases and tables to the obvious integration with other services. I have written other posts exploring some possibilities which you may like to view in this blog.

The key things which differentiate Integromat for me are:

  • The ability to search for and process multiple records - even then using Iterators and Aggregators to calculate across multiple records
  • You can build branching logic (like If … Then statements in code) using Routers
  • The fact that you can visualise the flow of your login in the design tool - and even watch as it processes through test records
  • All Integromat features are available even in a Free account - you just pay for volume
  • The ability to delete records from Airtable - AT doesn't have any way to 'cascade delete' related records when a parent record is deleted. You could use Integromat to tidy this up periodically
  • You can Export your Integromat Scenario as a 'Blueprint' and share your work

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Integromat can be seen as the 'language' for Airtable!

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