Showcasing Airtable - two sample bases to try

I've now been working with Airtable for quite a while and have built two 'bases' which I feel would be useful for others. These are KasPer Lite for Airtable and KasTim Lite for Airtable which are Human Resources Management and Project Time Recording solutions, respectively.

KasPer Lite for Airtable

Manage Your Team

Simplify the management of your employee information, manage processes such as Absence Requests and Appraisals through Forms, know who's on vacation or other leave, keep up to date with your employee's skills and performance; KasPer Lite will enable you to manage your team more effectively.

Leave Management

KasPer Lite includes features which enable you to manage employees vacations, sickness and other absence. You can set up multiple 'Leave Rules' where employees have differing leave years or leave entitlements.

Employee Appraisals / Reviews

The Base includes an Appraisal feature which has a form which can be filled in by Managers when they review their team members. With the ease of customisation of Airtable this can quickly be amended to suit your own process - or you can simply attach your existing forms to the records in the base.

If you need help customising the app for your own requirements then please get in touch - we can also provide integrations and automation of the app using Zapier (some of my other posts show examples of using KasPer Lite with Zapier) - which can really make Airtable come alive!

Here's the link:

Read Only Link to KasPer Lite for Airtable

KasTim Lite for Airtable - Record Time Spent on Client Projects

KasTim Lite is designed for recording time against clients projects, calculating the amount to be charged (based upon individual Team Members' rates if required) and monitoring payment received against the projects.

See at a glance which clients have outstanding balances, which projects have been most valuable to you, total amount of work and earnings by month, etc.

If you need help customising the app for your own requirements then please get in touch (there are links in the Useful Information table).

Here's the link:

Read Only Link to KasTim Lite for Airtable

Both of these 'bases' are available to down load from the Airtable Universe - but the links here show the app including some sample usage of Airtable's new Blocks feature (we have shown some bar charts, a map etc.), which, when finally on general release will revolutionise Airtable.

I hope these apps will showcase the type of solutions that you can build with Airtable and I hope they're useful. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

If you'd like to try Airtable out, please click here.

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