Partnering with Podio

We have been using Podio, a Collaboration and Data platform for several years in our business and, in July, we decided to become Podio Partners and start to offer consultancy on the Podio platform, including automating workflows and processes with Globiflow and Zapier.

Podio is a great tool to improve internal communication, centring around the data that's relevant to people's work. For example, Podio Webforms are used throughout this website for enquiries, registrations, orders etc. We also use Podio for our Customer forum and have been involved with the product since 2011. Workflows in Podio then inform us immediately that action needs to be taken.


This marks a significant change in our business from simply being a supplier of Apps on the Microsoft App Store to providing services to help business with their own digital transformation.

If you would like to talk to us about how you could use Podio to help improve your business please get in touch here.

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